Paleo Test Questions

Answer these questions as honestly as you can.
Don't spend too much time thinking about them.

01) Are you a vegetarian or vegan?
02) Are you pregnant or breast feeding?
03) What is your age range?
04) What is your gender?
05) What is your weight?
06) What is your height?
07) How willing are you to stop buying prepared / processed / boxed food?
08) Are you allergic to or dislike nuts and seeds?
09) How often do you use sugar substitutes or artificial sweeteners?
10) How difficult do you think it will be to give up refined sugar products?
11) How good of a cook are you?
12) How sensitive are you to family and friends making fun of your diet?
13) Do you feel the need to explain yourself to everyone?
14) How often do you keep sugary, starchy, or generally unhealthy snacks around?
15) How often do you skip meals due to lack of time?
16) How frequently do you exercise at least 30 minutes at a time?
17) What is your overall level of happiness with your life?
18) How would you rate your normal, every day energy levels?
19) Do you have any known autoimmune diseases?
20) Do you have any known heart diseases?
21) Do you have diabetes or blood sugar issues?
22) Do you constantly lack motivation to do things and get stuff done?
23) Do you often experience brain-fog or slowness throughout the day?
24) How would your doctor describe your blood pressure?
25) How would your doctor describe your cholesterol levels?
26) How willing are you to double or triple your current grocery bill?
27) How excited are you about eating red meat, poultry, and fish?
28) How fond are you of eating fruits?
29) How much do you enjoy eating vegetables?
30) How much do you love bread and pasta?
31) How often do you drink alcohol?

What's your ultimate diet and health goal?